Zane suffered an ABI (anoxic brain injury) after he fell victim to an accidental drowning incident at his grandmother's North Carolina in January of 2015. 

Zane's story is an awe-inspiring tale of hope and inspiration, as well as an all-too-painful reminder that TBI doesn't discriminate. Zane's father Sean played professional football in the NFL for six seasons, most notably with the Seattle Seahawks, which is where he met his wife, Tiffany, a beautiful NFL cheerleader who ironically cheered for the same team. Pretty much every boy and girl's dream growing up. 

It wasn't long before they were married and brought their first child, Zane, into the world. And a few short years later, Tiffany was pregnant again with their second. 

One afternoon, Sean and Tiffany were joyfully at a routine ultrasound appointment when they received a call that would change their life forever.  While staying at his grandmothers home, little Zane had found his way into a gated pool and drowned. It was reported that "[Zane] was found in the pool unconscious. A neighbor, who happened to be a nurse, responded to shouting and immediately started CPR." Paramedics were fast to the scene and continued to administer life-saving CPR until Zane reached a local hospital. 

It was there that "[they] found a small amount water on the brain and eventually transferred him to UNC Chapel Hill Hospital by helicopter. His temperature was quite low from the pool water," which their website says luckily kept his brain from dangerously swelling. 

Today, a year removed from the worst and best moments of their lives - Zane's injury and the birth of baby brother Paxton - and the dream has shifted quite a bit. Each day proves to be a new struggle for Sean and Tiffany as they continue to find solace in their 'new' life. Against all odds, they continue to inspire those around them as they fight to bring Zane the quality of life he deserves. Zane's injuries are severe and he suffers from a long list of issues from lack of head control, CVI and very minimal overall coordination.  Zane's working hard in therapy and at home, but Zane's condition makes it tough for the Locklear's to visit friends or travel outside their own home. 

Holton's Heroes is providing Zane with a Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Sitter so the family can feel more freedom and give Zane more comfort at the same time. Tiffany told us, "It'll be so nice for Zane to sit around on his own when we have company, and when traveling to our friends and family's homes, where there isn't always comfortable places Zane can lay or hold him."

You can follow the Locklear's journey at their Caring Bridge page, where they document all the life hurdles that come with brain injury in a young child like Zane. You can also help them directly by going to their gofundme page and donating.

I know both of our sons will recover. I guess it’s the journey that will be hardest, as long as we stay hopeful and KNOW they will get better. I keep telling myself that everyday when I’m feeling discouraged. Thank you guys so much. This means a lot to us. We are so grateful and just in awe with what you guys are doing.
— Tiffany Locklear

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