Eric Weingrad remembers Dec. 19, 2014, as the "worst day in my family’s life." 

That's the day his 11-week-old son, Holton, was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a traumatic brain injury and stopped breathing. Eric and his wife Angela had run out on a quick errand and left Holton in the care of their nanny, the same nanny who had watched over their daughter Stella for the past year and a half.

On Holton's Heroes, a website dedicated to the recovery of the Weingrads' son, the tragic day is recounted in horrifying detail. "When they arrived at the ER they found Holton in pain and suffering seizures from a cracked skull," the author writes, "His seizures were so unrelenting, eleven-week-old Holton was placed in a medically induced coma for the next three weeks until the seizures were finally brought under control."

The nanny's role in this tragedy remains unclear, according to the website, and none of the nanny's various versions of the story account for Holton's injuries according to the doctors.

Holton, who has struggled with eating and walking, and has relied on a feeding tube to keep his weight up, is progressing, albeit very slowly. His parents understand that he can't be compared to other children his age when it comes to reaching certain milestones. But they're immensely proud of all his accomplishments thus far. "Holton deserves to be praised for his sheer will to live and uncompromisable inner strength," the website reads.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the nanny was not charged. After a lengthy investigation, it was concluded that Holton's injuries were the result of an accident. Now the Weingrads are taking it upon themselves to make sure no family has to go through what they did.