My son is so precious, so handsome,

My son is heaven, earth and life,

My son is my blood, my name, my world,

My son is my hero, my best friend,

My son is my legacy, my past and my future,

My son is in pain, so I am in pain,

My son is suffering, so I am suffering,

My son is so strong but I don’t feel strong. 

I feel weak. I feel sad. I feel empty. I feel anger. I wish I didn’t feel.


My son is eleven weeks old,

My son has just begun,

My son is everything right in this world,

My son is a rabbit's foot, a four-leaf clover, a knock on wood,

My son is The Beatles, football, poetry, a salty shore breeze,

My son is laughter, joy and happiness,

My son is the sum of his parents love,

My son is my wife’s smile, my daughter’s giggle, my head of hair,

My son is a little brother, a grandson, a great-grandson,

My son is a nephew, a cousin, a friend,

My son is a fighter,

He’s a champion. He’s the champion. He’s our champion,


My son will not give up. I cannot give up. My son will not let me give up.


My son is here right now.

My son is beautiful,

My son is hope,

My son needs me; I need my son more,

My son, my sweet son, you are not just a son,

You are my son and you are my everything.


I love you Holton.

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