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On March 22, 2016, Emma and Richard welcomed their only child into their lives, a baby boy named Liam. After a normal and healthy pregnancy doctors never predicted what would happen shortly after their sweet son entered this world. 

Due to unforeseen complications, Liam lost a significant amount of blood and needed an emergency blood transfusion. "This, in turn, caused oxygen deprivation to his brain and [nervous] systems. He was placed on cooling treatment in hopes to save his injured brain areas," Emma told us.

As anyone can imagine, it was a grueling and heartbreaking experience for the new parents as they helplessly watched their boy fight with every fiber of his being. It took some time, but slowly Liam began to come back to them. "We were told by the neurologist that he expected to see a baby on life support, but was shocked and surprised to see Liam's condition [shortly after his blood transfusion]," Emma recalled as Liam recovered. 

Liam was proving statistics wrong, as he was not only breathing, but sucking and swallowing as well. These actions, although seemingly simple, often get lost with severe anoxic brain injuries like the one Liam suffered shortly after birth.

Now a year and a half old, Liam has continued to improve through weekly physical and speech therapy appointments, as well as from the attention, love and support he receives from his parents, grandmothers and aunt. While he has many needs at this stage of his life, Holton's Heroes was able to help support him quite literally. 

"Right now we just have a bouncy seat for him to sit in at home and no way to really bring him [many places] other than pushing a stroller. The GoTo seat looks as though it would hold Liam secure in many different settings," Emma told us via email. 

As you can see in the photos below, Liam received a brand new GoTo chair from Holton's Heroes to help him sit up and become more engaged with the world around him. It also allows him to play with sensory toys and his iPad in a comfortable setting. 

"I saw [Eric, Holton's Heroes founder] on TV in preparation for the recent walk.  Maybe Liam will be able to meet you all and walk along with Holton's Heroes one day," Emma wrote to us. 

We have no doubt that Liam will walk along side us all one day soon.

His GoTo [chair] really helps him sit securely so he can work on lifting his arms and reaching. Big hugs to Sir Holton and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Emma Jackson, Liam's Mom