With the holidays upon us, many traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors will find themselves facing more overstimulation than normal, which can cause additional brain fatigue and stress -- as well as causing fear and panic to set it in in some situations.

Overstimulation is one of the most common symptoms amongst concussion and TBI patients, and can come in any combination of sounds, images, light, smell, taste, and touch.

Because overstimulation can't be "seen" it can be a mystery to those who have never experienced it; and cause frustration between someone going through it and their loved ones who don't understand it.

Myself personally, I have a hard time dealing with a crowded restaurant or mall this time of year because there is too much noise combined with lights and lots of scents. I will have a hard time focusing when there is a lot of background noise, and find myself unable to carry on a conversation or make sense of what I am trying to do. I will leave feeling completely exhausted and often acquire a headache to go with it. I usually tire out before my 78 year old mother, who can shop circles around me.

I have compiled a list of six simple things you can do to make the holidays easier on yourself, or a loved one who is dealing with overstimulation. To read the complete list of six simply things, read more here.

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